Welcome to Hidden Europa!

A blog about alternative, responsible and meaningful family travel .

Based in Luxembourg – the green heart of Europe – we love to seek out and share travel experiences that:

  • are quirky or unusual,
  • are experience-rich,
  • positively impact the visited community, and
  • enable us to learn about the visited region and the marvellous diversity of this astonishing continent.

With roots in Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal, the name “Hidden Europa” reflects the multicultural and multilingual nature of our family.

Recent blog posts

Cycling in the Ruhrgebiet

Considering a short family cycling holiday with a difference? We explored the Ruhrgebiet – an enormous industrial region in the north-west of Germany. Duisburg, Gelsenkirchen, Essen, Dortmund – they are flat, cheap… and utterly unique. What more would you want?

Hidden gems of Nuremberg

Nuremberg (N├╝rnberg) is famous for its gingerbread, bratwurst and hilltop castle. But delve deeper to discover fascinating hidden gems which bring the history of this Bavarian city closer. OK, ok… and there’s Playmobil Fun Park too…


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