Where next?

We have always a travel adventure or two in mind, but rarely have anything pre-booked.

Our upcoming travel destinations are listed below. If you have any tips, advice or proposals for us, please do get in touch.

  • NETHERLANDS – Area around Nijmegen for a few days
  • GERMANY – A few days in the Black Forest
  • UNITED KINGDOM – A road trip along the east coast (anywhere between London and Aberdeen)
  • AUSTRIA – Vienna. Our favourite city in the world! (Actually, we like Stockholm too…)
  • DENMARK – Area around Vejle
  • NORWAY – Haugesund; the southern mountains; the west coast from Bergen to Alesund
  • SWEDEN – Central and northern regions; region between Lake Vänern and Gothenburg; maybe Stockholm
  • LAPLAND – No, seriously, we’re going to Lapland. We’re VERY excited about this!
  • FINLAND – Turku region